Nexmosphere sensors protect your property in 4 ways

Nexmosphere currently manufactures 5 different sensors that detect product pickups, 3 of these are wired solutions (X-Dot, X-Snapper, XZ-Light sensor). Each one uses different technology, ensuring there is always a suitable sensor for your installation

All sensors can do :

Create momentum with your audience

Catching your audience’s attention  

Show correct product information

Contain product-specific content trigger  

Ensure correct place-back of products

Playing correspondence information
even the product put in a wrong position

Prevent loss or theft of products

X-snapper secure any demo product  

We offer a suitable solution for your integration project in Asia.

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New Demo Kit from Nexmopshere

DM-XN10 is a complex tool including Presence sensor, Light sensor, RFID sensor, Magnetic sensor and AirButton sensor with Analog & Push-button interface under LED Control. It is a great start to explore Nexmosphere’s sensor platform.

Leave us a message if you would like to try your own system. We may advise you a possible solution to build it.

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