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We design, develop and integrate world-class digital systems

One-stop audiovisual and central control system services

As a leading company in Audio Visual and central control systems, SCHOT has successfully built-up a strong relationship with its business partners and distribution dealers for professional equipment. SCHOT’s core scope includes the distribution of Audio Visual and central control products along with end-to-end professional system design and integration services. The company specialises in Large Format Displays, Digital Signage, Multimedia Presentation, Lighting System, Central Control System, Sound Reinforcement, Conference Systems, Audio Projection and System Automation.

SCHOT has also established a close working partnership with experts in cross-industries including land development, building and construction, engineering, design and decoration, which equipped SCHOT with needs sensitivity to all customers. SCHOT takes every customer’s needs and thoughts with extreme care. We take pride in our customer-focused service approach, SCHOT offers a one-stop service to take care of customers throughout the AV and central control system development process.

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What Makes SCHOT Services Unique

With over 30 years of experience in system design and solution delivery. Our company has pioneered a 4 part system to maximise client satisfaction and project success. The 4 part system, are Consultation, Managed Services, Professional Delivery and Support. This highlights the scope of the services we offer at each stage of the process. With a structured approach to audiovisual integration and system engineering, Schot has a significant advantage in delivering a better, more effective project journey for our clients. 

System and Solution Consultation

At Schot, we work closely with our partners to gain a deep understanding of their needs and vision. With our certified multi-disciplinary team and extensive experience in the field. Our goal is to provide efficient and effective solutions to address our client’s problems, that is not only accurate but scalable with their operations. As a company we follow a strict quality standard; from monitoring our need assessment of project requirements to the careful issue of design and proposal. We work tirelessly to ensure we deliver the best system and solutions for our clients.  

  • Need Assessment
  • System Design
  • Product Selection
  • Solution Optimisation
  • Project Proposal
  • Solution Programming
  • Product Distribution
  • On-site and remote operations
  • Solution Management
  • Dedicated Teams

Managed Services

Our Managed Services, fall into 2 main branch of operations. First, product; Schot offers product distribution, logistics, and programming services for over 300 AV, control and system products. One of the best catalogue available in Asia. Second, Schot offers comprehensive project management for all system projects. We are one of few providers in Hong Kong that has in-house development capabilities for our customised solutions. 

Clients come to us to address system issues that others cannot solve. With our experience in the field, we offer unparalleled insight and solutions. Our certified teams also have extensive experience in correcting course for troubled projects mishandled by other providers.

Professional Delivery

Our teams at Schot follows a strict internal code to guarantee project promises throughout each stage of the delivery process. Our dedicated manager and support unit work closely with each and every client to complete projects at the highest standard. As one of the leading system and solution providers in Hong Kong, we are confident with our quality assurances. This has also been reflected in our client satisfaction rate and immaculate track record. Even though 3 decades has passed, we have not forgotten our roots as an innovative agency. Schot is still an evolving company that constantly seeks to improve. We are versed in state-of-the-art technologies, take no compromises on safety and security and we take pride in our professionalism and integrity to help our clients connect with the future.

  • Solution Installation
  • Software Development
  • Acceptance testing and commissioning
  • Project Reporting
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Maintenance & Upgrading
  • User Training
  • Warranty Services
  • Helpdesk and dedicated manager
  • Onsite and remote support

Best-in-class Support

At Schot, have set the golden standard for product and service maintenance for the audio, visual, and system engineering industry in Hong Kong. Our line of products also has our triple guarantee of being Authorised, Authenticated, Accredited. You can trust us to deliver world-class systems. Our support team handles everything from behind the scenes from proactive maintenance to fault prevention. We ensure your solution has minimum disruption and maximum up-time.

Likewise, we provide our clients with user training and seminars to ensure smooth adoption. We also hold countless workshops and product showcases each year to help our clients get familiar with contemporary technologies on the market and update them on our new offerings.

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